NYC based Commercial Real Estate Credit Underwriting Firm

Products and Services

JCUnderwriting focuses its business on complex and challenging commercial real estate transactions, not a programmatic loan scenario which can be performed by most commercial banks.  Potential projects most likely will not fit into “boxes”, rather a deep reading and understanding of the projects will enable JCUnderwriting to discover the true value creation opportunities on the projects.  JCUnderwriting’s creative solution provided to its clients come from  its extensive reading and researching of the projects unique opportunistic potentials often ignored by traditional lenders due to programmatic standards and guidelines imposed by internal and external regulations.

JCUnderwriting provides both short term solution and permanent financing from $5,000,000 to $200,000,000 nationwide and provides a variety of capital solutions to its clients with properties in primary, secondary and tertiary markets nationwide.

We offer financing solutions in two main categories: