About Us

Founded in 2010, JCUnderwriting is a New York based commercial real estate credit underwriting firm designed specifically to provide unique solutions for complex commercial real estate transactions. By incorporate its capital market knowledge and expertise on commercial real estate credit underwriting and structured finance, JCUnderwriting consistently delivers the results that exceed its clients’ expectations.

JCUnderwriting is found by veteran financier John C. Hwang. Mr. Hwang has been an active participant in commercial real estate credit market since 1992 as a lender, private equity fund manager and credit underwriter. His experience covers the spectrum of both domestic U.S. and many international markets including Latin America and Asia. Mr. Hwang is also a frequent guest speaker and lecturer on subjects related to U.S. capital market and its products. He was invited by the Provincial Government of Shandong, China to speak to the top executives of Bank of China and regional directors of the Office of Foreign Economic Development Affairs in Shandong Province, China. He was also a frequent guest lecturer to various universities in both United States and Asia. Prior to the founding of JCUnderwriting, Mr. Hwang had been top executives of two international private equity funds responsible for the firms’ international real estate investment portfolio.